Home Automation – Central Alabama

Are you in search for a professional home automation systems installer that will bring the wow factor to your home at a price that you can afford? Then you have come to the right place! Home Integrated Solutions is the smart home automation installation contractors of choice for homeowners installing Home Automation.

Recognized for excellence in audio/video retailing, custom contract installation and smart home technology integration! Our projects include home theater, hi-end audio systems, AV distribution, networking, security systems, lighting control, expert installation–all integrated to enhance our client’s lifestyle.

Surveillance & Security

Home Integrated Solutions understands that safety is a homeowner’s number one priority. We install only the best intrusion alarms and surveillance systems. These include CCTV cameras, noisemakers, smoke detectors, and outside motion detectors. These detectors will run along your yard or driveway and when triggered, will automatically turn on spotlights or play recorded sounds such as a warning message or dogs barking.

With home automation systems, all the lights outside and inside your house can be programmed to be turned off. When the security alarm is triggered, the lights will automatically turn back on. Our technicians can custom program your system to your specifications. The best part is that when there is a security breach, you are alerted via text message, SMS or email. So even if you’re not home, you will still have eyes and ears on your house.

Home Theater

Theater systems include audio and visual equipment such as your High Definition Television, gaming consoles, music player, speakers, DVD/Blu-ray players, amplifiers and the like. You can finally have the home theater system you’ve been dreaming of to bring movie night or the big game into your living room or perhaps the ultimate gamer’s den for your kids. Listen to your favorite songs in perfect clarity anywhere in your house. The best part is you won’t need a seperate remote for every component.

• Control multiple components from one remote
• Distributed Audio and Video
• Home Theater Systems
• Movie Night at Home
• Listen to Music anywhere in your house

Climate Control

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning, otherwise known as indoor environmental comfort. Home Automation System integration allows you to control your home’s temperature with a touch of a button. You don’t have to get up from your bed at night when you feel that your room needs a bit of warming up. You can also set a timer every day to switch temperature devices on/off.

• Energy efficiency
• Save money on heating and cooling bills
• Simple controls to adjust temp
• Remote access
• Easy to use

Lighting Control

Home Automation and Lighting Control has to do with making your life simpler.

Whether your desire is to control your whole house at the touch of a button, to have many ordinary tasks automated or the peace of mind knowing you can leave work at the completion of the day and, with the push of a button, turn everything off. We can make all of those scenarios possible. These are no longer  alternatives reserved for the exceptionally wealthy. There are budget friendly options for whatever you want.

Home Integrated Solutions offers a full range of smart lighting products that let you handle practically any lighting devices — big or small, interior or exterior, LED or CFL — precisely the way you choose. With smart home technology, you can even use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to command your lighting controls from practically anywhere in the world.

Dish Network


We get it. You don’t just watch TV programming in your living room anymore. You watch it all over the place.

Now you can take live TV programming with you. Only DISH lets you watch live sports, news and everything on your DVR whenever and wherever you want — on your tablet, Smartphone, or computer, for no additional monthly fees.

The Most Movies.

Blockbuster @Home gives you over 100,000 movies, TV shows and games by mail, thousands of movies online and On Demand, and 20 great channels like Starz Cinema, EPIX, EPIX 2 and ENCORE SUSPENSE.

Add that to the hundreds of channels available with DISH, over 20,000 shows and movies with DISH Online, plus free HBO, Cinemax, SHOWTIME and STARZ for 3 months that you’ll already get and the great thing is we’re just getting started.

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