Lighting Control

Home Automation and Lighting Control has to do with making your life simpler.

Whether your desire is to control your whole house at the touch of a button, to have many ordinary tasks automated or the peace of mind knowing you can leave work at the completion of the day and, with the push of a button, turn everything off. We can make all of those scenarios possible. These are no longer  alternatives reserved for the exceptionally wealthy. There are budget friendly options for whatever you want.

Home Integrated Solutions offers a full range of smart lighting products that let you handle practically any lighting devices — big or small, interior or exterior, LED or CFL — precisely the way you choose. With smart home technology, you can even use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to command your lighting controls from practically anywhere in the world.

Lighting takes on a new life with automation. Convenience is one of the greatest benefits as once a “scene” is programmed it can be accessed simply at any time in the future. Are you having a dinner party, or entertaining the family? Easily set the mood with the touch of a button and move on to more important things that manually adjusting each control. And the one feature that is among our customers favorite is an “all off” preset. In which all the lights are turned off leaving the house or turning in for the night. The possibilities are endless with home automation.