Whole House Automation

Fully automating your home can be expensive. However, you can still make your home “smart” without breaking the bank by taking care of the essential aspects of a well-equipped home automation system.

The first thing you should have for your home automation system is the security package. This is the most crucial aspect of your smart home. Installing strategically placed CCTV cameras along the perimeter of your house should keep you safe from intruders. You can monitor outside movement from a centralized system which can sync with your phone. You can then choose to open the garage or front door for access by clicking on a button on your screen.

The next essential aspect you should have with your home automation system is control over the lighting and temperature within your home. You don’t want to keep getting out of bed to adjust the thermostat when it gets too hot or too cold, right? The same goes with your lights. You don’t want to go down the stairs if you’re already in bed and you suddenly remember that you forgot to turn off the lights in the living room. Now, you can control all these by simply pushing a button on your phone.

Your home automation system should also include access via the Internet so you can monitor your home remotely. Most home automation installers provide this capability with a secure IP address you can log on to check on your house even if you’re on vacation or not at home.